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5th May 2020

Unique student brew arises from University accommodation

Five international students registered on the Brewlab Diploma in British Brewing Technology programme in Sunderland are part-way through their course and have been unable to return to their home countries.

They are housed in student accommodation at the University of Sunderland and being taught by on-line tutorials with Brewlab distance learning students and collaborative tasting sessions.

As the course is practically based the students are limited in their activities, unable to visit breweries for placements or the Brewlab brewing laboratory to conduct trial brewing.

However, practical work is still possible. To assist their programme the students are working with a 20 litre brew system to craft beers in their kitchen and test their recipes – an essential part of the course.

Their first beer will be ready for tasting on the 4th May, a richly hoppy international pale ale, reflecting their different home countries, Taiwan, India, China, Spain and Butan.

A name for the beer and on-line tasting details are eagerly awaited.

It is hoped that the beer will be one of the first they brew commercially when they do return and set up their own breweries. An international connection for future collaborations and a reminder of what can be achieved under the most difficult conditions.


Contact: Keith Thomas.  Tel 07722 866799.