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19th April 2022

UNLTD. adds the UK’s healthiest beer to its range

UNLTD adds non-alcoholic IPA to its range

It’s low calorie, vegan friendly, gluten free, sustainably brewed, packed with vitamins – and tastes delicious!

At 0.5% ABV it has all the flavour of a full-strength beer with a fraction of the alcohol. The IPA is the lowest calorie beer in the UK, has added vitamins and is an isotonic drink – which means it can quickly hydrate your body. Finally, a beer that’s good for you!

UNLTD.’s Alcohol-Free IPA has aromas of citrus and tropical fruits, deep and complex malt flavours and a perfectly balanced bitter backbone – in short, it’s extremely tasty. If you love beer but can’t stand being hungover, this is one you’ll want to try!

Beer usually equals calories, but this non-alcoholic IPA is quite the opposite, at a remarkably low-calorie count of 13 calories per 330ml bottle it’s the healthiest beer on the market. This alcohol-free thirst-quencher not only tastes great but is low in carbs, rich in vitamin b12, vegan friendly and gluten free. As well as being good for you UNLTD. is also good for the planet, each beer is brewed in the solar powered brewery here in the UK and bottled into recyclable glass bottles.

Press release from UNLTD.