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23rd June 2021

Updates from the 2021 AGM: Emma Inch elected Guild Chair

The Guild’s Board is pleased to announce the results of the Election of Directors at the 2021 Guild AGM.

The following directors retired by rotation: Frances Brace, Pete Brown, and Annabel Smith. Robert Humphreys, as a co-opted director, also had to also retire. This left us with three vacancies on the Board.

Frances, Annabel and Robert chose to step down and were given thanks for their many contributions to the Board over the years.

Pete Brown was re-elected, alongside Emma Inch and David Jesudason.  Maureen Heffernan and Malin Norman were thanked for standing for election.

Although Pete was re-elected, he decided to step down from his role as Guild Chair and was thanked for his efforts in the role over the past three years.

Following the AGM, the new Board met briefly to vote for a new Chair and Emma Inch was elected to the role.

Emma Inch is a freelance writer and audio/video maker and has been a member of Guild since 2017. In 2018, she was named Beer Writer of the Year and has won several other awards from both the British and North American Guilds. Additionally, she acted as Head Judge for the 2019 Guild Awards and presented the prizes to the winners on the night.

For more information on Emma and why she stood for election to the Board, find a link to her full personal profile from the election here.

Minutes from the AGM will be circulated next week.


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