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1st May 2018

Used Our Loaf; Adnams brews new beers using surplus M&S bread

  • Adnams brews three new beers exclusively for Marks and Spencer using surplus M&S British bread under the name ‘Used our Loaf’.


  • Triple English Hop Southwold Pale Ale, Earl Grey Pale Ale and Raspberry Fruit Beer are available in selected Marks and Spencer stores and all three beers will be available online at M&S shortly.


Adnams has worked with Marks and Spencer for a number of years, making well over a dozen beers for the supermarket in various formats. The Used our Loaf beers are made using surplus bread from the retailer’s sandwich producer. The surplus bread was previously sent for animal feed so wasn’t wasted, but it can be diverted by one more step by being made into a delicious range of beers first.

Bread is made from grains such as barley, wheat and rye, exactly the same raw materials that are used to make beer. Inspired by the brilliant work by Toast Ale, Marks and Spencer and the Adnams brewing team pulled together their thinking and experience to create the first beer using surplus bread for a UK supermarket.

The first brew was created using around 700 kilograms of surplus bread and added three times as much malted barley. Each beer then uses different hops at various stages of the brewing process to ensure the perfect level of bitterness and aromas.

At the end of the process, once all the sugars have been extracted, the grains, bread and hops (as with all Adnams beers) are sent away to be reused as animal feed so there is no wastage.

These new beers are another great initiative as part of Marks and Spencer’s inspirational Plan A strategy, which aims to help build a sustainable future by being a business that enables customers to have a positive impact on wellbeing, communities and the planet. Adnams is a Silver Plan A supplier to Marks and Spencer and the Northamption-based breadmakers Greencore has a prestigious Gold Plan A certification.

Fergus Fitzgerald, Head Brewer, Adnams commented “We’re very proud to work alongside Marks and Spencer, whose business plan and values around sustainability align perfectly with our own. We loved the idea of using a surplus product and it’s allowed our brewing team to create 3 exciting new beers”


The Used our Loaf beers:


M&S Used our Loaf Triple English Hop Southwold Pale Ale, 3.6%

Ingredients: malted barley, surplus British M&S bread

Hops: Three British hops: Jester, Ernest and Endeavour

Tasting notes: A well-balanced, full-flavoured beer with bright hoppy flavours of gooseberries and citrus fruits.


M&S Used our Loaf Earl Grey Pale Ale, 5%

Ingredients: pilsner malt, surplus British M&S bread

Hops: Galaxy and Ella

Other: M&S Earl Grey loose tea

Tasting notes: a refreshing pale ale with a clean citrus burst


M&S Used our Loaf Raspberry Fruit Beer, 5%

Ingredients: malted barley, surplus British M&S bread

Hops: First gold, cascade

Other: English raspberry juice (after fermentation)

Tasting notes: Fruity and refreshing with subtle raspberry notes on the palate.



About Adnams

Adnams, the brewer, distiller and retailer, is an independent values-based family business committed to a sustainable future. It has been brewing in Southwold on the Suffolk coast for over 145 years and produces a range of cask, keg and bottled beers. Adnams was the first brewer in England to build a distillery on the same site in 2010, where it creates award winning handcrafted spirits and proudly produces the ‘World’s Best Gin’, Copper House Dry Gin, and the ‘World’s Best Vodka’, Longshore Triple Malt Vodka*. Adnams beers and spirits can be found in pubs and supermarkets nationwide. The company also has an estate of pubs, hotels and a chain of stores. For further information about Adnams visit

*As voted at the International Wine and Spirits Competition in 2013 and 2014 respectively.


For further information contact:

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