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12th April 2012



Attitudinal Belgian beer brand Vedett is to launch a new concept for its back labels featuring images from blogs.
Vedett drinkers have starred on the back of labels since 2003, but the end of April sees the launch of Vedett’s new blog-labels exclusively in the UK. These will feature the blogs which most arouse the inner passions and cravings of the Vedett drinker – giving them the power to inspire, and offering them a platform through which to share their inner thoughts and subjects that excite them.
Vedett aficionados and bloggers will submit a blog post that has tickled them via The team at Vedett will then select images from the blog posts to appear on the back labels. Drinkers will be able to find out more about the blog post by scanning the QR code on the back label with their smart phone which will lead them to This will have the full blog post and a link to the original blog.
The bottles are launching with 40 blogs already chosen by Vedett and cover a plethora of topics which include the World Gravy Wrestling Championships; The Sketchbook Project – a community supported library; My Parents were Awesome – a collection of vintage photos of people’s parents and grandparents; and Free-floating Eco Lodge – a blog celebrating people’s experiences at the lodge; but Vedett wants Vedett drinkers to nominate the next batch via
UK Manager Matt Willson comments: “Embracing the digital world is the next logical step for Vedett and we’re really keen to involve our consumers in deciding what they think should be on the back labels; it could literally be anything from a cool project, a creative concept, an exciting event or an original artwork they’ve seen on a blog.”
WWW.VEDETTGAZETT.COM will run alongside the Vedett Gazett labels. It will link to the back labels via the QR code and host the blog posts relevant to each back label image. Those who have ideas and events to share should submit a blog post following the instructions on
Emmanuella Cole, author of the Dalston Roof Park blog, an outdoor oasis over looking London’s skyline, comments, “Dalston Roof Park is quite literally over the moon with our feature on Vedett Beer! We are a creative urban venture set in the heart of East London looking forward to a great summer on the roof. Vedett have been a blast to deal with and we are ridiculously excited about getting to see these labels!”
Vedett will add an analogue aspect to the new digital dream with the launch of its own newspaper. This will include Vedett’s favourite blog posts, illustrations of artworks, events and ideas. It will be distributed to pubs, bars and restaurants around the UK as well as art galleries, vintage shops, museums, and markets in London, Leeds, Manchester, Brighton, Liverpool, Cardiff, Bristol, Birmingham, Nottingham, Sheffield, Glasgow and Edinburgh.
Vedett Extra Blond and Vedett Extra White are available in bottle and on draught from pubs, restaurants and bars around the UK.
Editors Notes:
– In every case of 24 bottles, four will feature ‘Call to Action’ labels to inspire Vedett fans to log onto the website and submit a story from their own blog; or a cool concept they’ve seen on a blog.
– Four of the front labels in each case will read “Vedett Gazett” to alert consumers to the project, and Vedett on draught pump clips will feature ‘Call to Action’ messages.
– Vedett Extra Blond (5.2% ABV) is a premium pilsner brewed using only natural ingredients and has a clean, crisp dry taste that is as refreshing as its packaging is cool.
– Vedett Extra White (4.7% ABV) has a delicious refreshing crisp taste punctuated with an orange and lemon like zest, rounded with a mildly bitter taste and dry finish.
Call to Action back labels
Gazett front labels