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8th November 2019

Vianet Insight Report 2020 confirms improvements in beer quality

Vianet has launched its 2019/20 insight report showing some significant improvements in draught beer quality this year.  The report correlates data gained from 250,000 connected Vianet devices from more than 11,000 sites (pubs, bars and restaurants) in the UK serving draught beer, lager and cider.

Key findings from this year’s report are:

  • 2 in 3 pints served at the right standard
  • 2% of drinks served don’t make it through the till
  • On average 22% of cask ales was served at the wrong temperature
  • 2 out of 3 pubs are not achieving target pouring yield

There were some improvements from last year’s insight with 73% of beer served through clean lines, an improvement of 2% on last year and 7% from 2017.  Target pouring yield, where an outlet maximises its draught product profit from a barrel through pouring the perfect pint, reducing wastage and ensuring quality, has also improved with 39% achieving their target pouring yield vs 29% in 2018.

Speaking about this year’s report, commercial operations director for Vianet, Craig Brocklehurst said, “With data being processed from over 250,000 connected Vianet devices, we are certainly seeing more businesses having greater control and rigour in their draught beer operations but there is still plenty that can be done.  With the monitoring available from the Vianet iDraught systems evidence shows that many outlets have access to a bigger opportunity if they improve quality, training and consumer experience in their businesses by focusing on their draught throughput data and alerts that are provided.

Vianet is launching a new system in 2020 which will provide even more in-depth analysis of individual sites and products in real time.  We know that beer quality and the losses business’ face on the back of this can become a thing of the past and unlock profit opportunities for everyone”.

The report shows those businesses engaged in using the Vianet’s iDraught data see a clear benefit in draught sales in terms of quality of beer being served vs those that are not engaging; 15% more beer is served in sites that focus on the quality data.

The report data was gathered from 250,000 connected devices from 11,000 sites, tracking 570 million pints of draught beer.  Data range was from 1/9/18 to 30/8/19 and input from industry users is included in the report.


Press Contact: Elaine Beckett, Darls Communications Ltd, Email:; Tel: 07802 782115

About Vianet: Vianet Group was established 23 years ago and has been an AIM listed business since 2006. With over 300 customers including a number of global blue-chip companies, and more than 250,000 devices connected to the platform, our experience and knowledge combine to form a powerful technology and insight capability that few can match. iDraught is the system offered through Vianet Smart Zones; it intelligently monitors all aspects of the bar to ensure the operator gets the best return from its draught products and customers receive a perfect pint every time. Vianet’s insight is based on data from more than 250,000 devices connected in the UK pubs. The results in this report are indicative and based on sites that Vianet actively measures.  For more information see: