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6th February 2019

Wainwright celebrate as sponsored Heads Together and Row team finish their 3000 mile race across the Atlantic!

GB team Heads Together & Row cross the finish line of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. CREDIT TED MARTIN

After 50 days, 22 hours and 8 minutes exactly, the Heads Together and Row team have stepped out of their 29ft x 6ft boat and have finally got their feet on solid ground after making their 3000-mile journey to Antigua across the Atlantic Ocean all in the name of charity.

One of the only mixed-gender teams to take on the challenge; Justin, 53, Toby, 39, Jeremy, 41 and Alison, 40 have spent the last two months battling all the elements mentally and physically all in the hope of completing the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge in aid of mental health charities: The Heads Together campaign, Mind, Combat Stress and also the Marine Conservation Society. Luckily, their conquest and adventures were not unseen due to regular check ins to their sponsors Henley Business School and Wainwright Golden Beer*.

With the use of data cards to help capture videos, photos and messages the team were able to communicate their progress and struggles to Dr Caroline Rook, a lecturer in leadership at Henley, the team’s headline sponsor, who has been conducting a research project into their individual and team resilience. Undoubtably, with the continuous physical and mental strain of the strict regime of rowing for two hours on and two hours off all day, everyday the results will provide an insight into human and mental capability.

What is special about this team is that they are a group of very ordinary people, all with families and full-time jobs; this was a challenge that pushed them to their complete limits. Throughout the race, the physical strength of each crew member was tested to the extreme. A strict regime of two hours rowing, two hours off all day every-day the crew burnt on average over 5,000 calories a day and had to live off freeze-dried packaged food throughout their journey.

The power of the team has come together in a way that truly embody Wainwright’s brand message of finding and overcoming individual challenges, something the legendary Alfred Wainwright lived for. But, being unconventional in his approach, the Heads Together and Row have taken a leaf out of his book and completed something the majority of the public could not even imagine.

Kirsty Polmeer, brand manager for Wainwright said: “What an achievement for the Heads Together and Row team! Wainwright is thrilled to have sponsored such a determined and yet normal group of people who have managed to overcome and conquer an incredible challenge, a true representation of our ‘Find Your Mountain’ mentality.”


Editors Notes:
The Route: The race departed from San Sebastian in the Canary Islands and arrived at the English Harbour, Antigua.
Race Start Date: 12.12.18 at 11:45am
Safety: Two safety yachts supported the teams as they crossed the ocean and the teams were supported 24/7 by two land-based duty officers.
*Wainwright supplied data cards to the team and provided up to date content which can be seen via their Instagram: @wainwrightbeer
For more information about the team:
For more information about Wainwright please contact Lauren Hagan on 01926 338811 or
For more information about Henley Business School please contact Nicola Hine on 0118 378 8220 or