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13th March 2013


Wadworth has introduced a mysterious character to spread the word about their 30 litre kegged stout Corvus in the period around St Patrick’s Day.
St Out-gown-black
The slightly sinister, bearded and robed St Out of Devizes appears in an artist’s impression, dressed in flowing monk-like garments, and is accompanied by his ‘familiar’ the Raven (from the Latin Corvus). His words of wisdom are being tweeted to followers of @CorvusStOut daily, bringing them an amusing motto for the day.
“St Out might look like a caped crusader, but his sayings are a mixture of fun and comment,” says Paul Sullivan Wadworth Sales and Marketing Director. “This is not designed as a hard sell campaign for Corvus, but as a little light relief to make the receiver think and smile.”
Corvus was introduced last year and offers Publicans an alternative to the heavyweight stout brands. As well as providing optimum taste, it offers price benefits for the publican and the customer. Because the ale is priced competitively, publicans can pass the price benefit onto the customer, while also increasing their own profit margins. On average, pubs can sell a pint of Corvus 30p cheaper and still maintain a higher cash margin per pint than Guinness.
Corvus is already available in over 100 pubs across the South West, and to the trade via Tolchards, Inn Express and Wadworth. The 30 litre format has been very popular with pubs, allowing those with a low stout turnover to ensure that they are always providing a good quality, fresh product.
The stout is also popular with customers who once they have tasted it, tend to choose it again. Recent research showed that 65% of drinkers chose Corvus over Guinness.
DSCF0662 POUR PINT MIDThe independent research was carried out by the Oxford School of Hospitality Management which is the No 1 in Europe for Hospitality Research and No 1 in the world for Research Productivity.
Drinkers were asked to try both stouts, which were unlabelled. Having chosen their favourite, they were then asked to mark this out of ten. A remarkable 65% chose Corvus as their favourite, with the majority of respondents marking it 8, 9 or ten out of ten.
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