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24th November 2020

We’re having a(nother) online party, and this time it’s FESTIVE!

December 3, 8pm CET
Live-streamed on YouTube and Facebook

Lockdown 1.0 gave us the Cabin Fever Podcast. Lockdown 2.0 is going one better and giving us the Cabin Fever Belgian Christmas Bonanza – a live-streamed evening remote celebrating the holidays and a drink-along of a selection of Belgian Christmas beers!

In the company of some of the world’s beer beer writers (and drinkers), we’ll be going live on YouTube at this link (bookmark it now!) to drink 4 beers, play Christmas-themed quizzes, sing carols, maybe some prize giveaways, and whatever else happens on an evening spent drinking 10%+ beers.

I’m, saying it already -and more information will be coming – but there will be PRIZES!

Cabin Fever Belgian Christmas Bonanza Tasting Boxes! 
We want you to be able to drink the same beers as we are on-screen. That’s why I’m delighted to be teaming up with London’s Hop Burns and Black, and Belgium’s Etre Gourmet on specially-selected tasting packs.



You’ll get these 3 beers regardless who you order your box from:

If you’re in Belgium and you order with Etre Gourmet, you’ll get an extra bottle of Brasserie de la Senne‘s Winter Mess!

And if you order in the UK and you order from Hop Burns and Black your 4th beer will be Anspach & Hobday‘s The Pfeffernüsse Stout!

And if you can’t get hold of them, get something local and independently-brewed wherever you find yourself!

Press release from Eoghan Walsh

For more information, contact: