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7th June 2019

West Berkshire Brewery Turns Iconic Good Old Boy into Good Old Dad for Father’s Day

To celebrate Father’s Day (16th June) West Berkshire Brewery has transformed their beloved ‘Good Old Boy’ into ‘Good Old Dad’ for a limited time only. Available from the 9th June, participating pubs and bars can request temporary pump clips, staff t-shirts and posters directly from West Berkshire Brewery.

When it comes to special occasions, like Father’s Day, 15% of cask drinkers are more likely to head to their local pub to toast the occasion2. Alongside this opportunity, bucking the trend of the declining cask ale market, Good Old Boy remains a continual success story, with a 61% increase in volume and 65% increase in value for Southern England[1]

With a continued uncompromising and passionate approach to top quality brewing, West Berkshire Brewery recently launched a rebrand across its entire portfolio of iconic British beers following a £9m brewery investment

For any pubs that would like to get involved with a bit of Father’s Day fun they can get in contact with:

1 CGA OPMS P02 Data to 23/02/2019 – GB Total Market

2 The Cask Report 2018


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