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1st June 2017

West Berkshire Brewery urge licensees to ‘Oh Beehave’

West Berkshire Brewery has launched a new honey ale for the summer season.  The cleverly titled, ‘Oh Beehave’ is a light golden ale that combines Brewers Gold hops with honey sourced from within five miles of the brewery, to create a beer that gives a unique spiced fruity aroma, along with a subtle sweet taste.


The 4.4% ABV ale is perfect for customers to enjoy during those long summer evenings and is sure to be a hit in beer gardens across the country.  Head Brewer at West Berkshire Brewery, Will Twomey, is delighted with the final gyle:

“By combining Brewers Gold hops with locally sourced honey we have created a golden beer that can be drunk all year round, but which is particularly suited to the summer season. We are delighted to have been able to use honey that is harvested so close to the brewery to fit with our philosophy to utilise local and British produce. Being a mid abv, it makes it an ideal session ale, or even the perfect lunchtime pint.


A percentage of all sales will be donated to the ‘Give Bees a Chance’ charity, which promotes the conservation of the bee whilst increasing public awareness of their plight.


‘Oh Beehave’ is available in 9 gallon casks direct from West Berkshire Brewery.  To receive further information on any West Berkshire Brewery beer, including Good Old Boy, Mister Chubb’s and Mister Swift’s, please call 01635 202968 or visit








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