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30th December 2013


William Bros. Brewing Co. take Christmas beer one step further brewing with real Christmas trees. Scottish brewers William Bros. Brewing Co. had a brainwave: a Christmas tree smells good and makes people happy. A good beer smells great and makes people happy, so why not combine the two? Introducing,Nollaig.


Nollaig is a new special brew with only 5,000, 2013 vintage bottles in circulation. The beer is brewed with ‘spruce tips’ which are harvested throughout February and March when the trees experience a growth spurt. Tree growers cut the light, green tips off the trees as it helps them to grow upwards, not outwards, these tips are usually binned so using them to brew beer prevents a great deal of wastage . The spruce tips are then added to the kettle as a giant Christmas tree teabag – the spruce flavour and fragrance informs the beer in a remarkable way.


Scott Williams, co-founder of Williams Bros. Brewing Co. commented:
“Nollaig is Gaelic for Christmas. There are lots of Christmas beers on the market that make reference to Santa or reindeers but none that actually use Christmas trees.
“The beer has that wonderful sprucey spell – like a house at Christmas time. This is a very limited edition batch with 800 one-litre bottle growlers and 5,000 330ml bottles in circulation. With just under two weeks to go until Christmas – this brew will sell out!”
The spruce adds an extra fruitiness to the flavour. The beer is close in style to an American IPA and is 7% ABV. Although it seems a bizarre brew, Nollaig is a contemporary reimagining of an ancient spruce beer recipe. The beer is the perfect accompaniment to a Christmas cheese board – it works well with a good stinky cheese.
No Christmas trees were harmed in the making of this beer!
Notes to Editors
·         The beer is here.
·         Sold on the website and in 1 litre growlers with flip lids. 
·         There are only 5,000 bottles in circulation. 
·         Available in Booths and independent bottle shops.
·         RRP for the litre growler is £12.00.
·         RRP of £2.50 330ml standard bottle.
·         The beer will be on draft available in bars including The Vintage, The Shore, Edinburgh (No. 14 on The List Hot One Hundred 2013) for around about £5.00 per pint.
For further information please contact Miriam Attwood 07825 642225