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1st September 2023

Women’s Craft Fermentation Alliance To Host WIBS 23: A Craft Fermentation Summit

The Women’s Craft Fermentation Alliance (WCFA) is pleased to extend an invitation to WIBS 23: A Craft Fermentation Summit, occurring virtually on October 21-22, 2023.

In previous years, the Summit was primarily focused on the craft beer industry but, this year, it will be opened up to all craft fermentation across the globe. Everyone, regardless of location, gender identity, industry knowledge or experience, is welcome to attend.

“My team and I are so pleased to be hosting WIBS 23: A Craft Fermentation Summit.  We changed the name this year to make sure everyone feels welcome to attend. We have expanded our invites to everyone in the craft fermentation industry who supports a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment where all people feel welcome. We have remained virtual to make it possible to bring our audience an extraordinary line-up of speakers from across the globe,” says Melissa McCann, Executive Director of the WCFA.

Michele Wonder, Web and Media Director, adds “Our goal with this year’s WIBS is the same as it has been since the first, to bring together fermentation professionals, enthusiasts and homebrewers to educate and inspire each other. While we center women’s stories and experiences this summit is for everyone! We all have a story, we all have a passion and listening and sharing with each other makes us all better.”

The Summit will include happy hours on Friday, and two full days of sessions on Saturday and Sunday. Such sessions include: Beer is Art with Obakeng Malope (South Africa), Safety Concerns and Solutions for Festivals (panel featuring speakers from Scotland, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and United States), and Beer History with The Chicago Brewseum (United States), among many more.

McCann muses, “I am especially excited about our Festival Talk with some amazing people from Belgium and the UK. I am also excited about our Content Creators session as well as our Authors panels, who include people from around the globe, and will put faces to the people who continue to inspire and entertain all of us. Please join us for WIBS 23: A Craft Fermentation Summit.”

While the Summit itself is 100% virtual, those that are interested in hosting in-person community or club events in conjunction with the Summit may reach out

Registration for the event is open now. Those that would like to attend but need scholarships or have other considerations are encouraged to reach out and the WCFA assures they will handle them with sensitivity and discretion. Recordings will also be available for rewatch indefinitely to those that purchase a weekend ticket.


The Women’s Craft Fermentation Alliance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was founded in 2021 and hosts the annual WIBS Craft Fermentation Summit.. They are dedicated to enabling, empowering and encouraging women and non binary folks in all facets of the craft fermentation space.

Learn more and pre-register at

Contact Information:

Women’s Craft Fermentation Alliance

Amanda Camp, Marketing Director

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