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1st May 2024

World Beer Awards 2024—Everything you need to know

The World Beer Awards 2024 entry deadline is fast approaching. The deadline for entries is Tuesday 7 May and once entries are submitted, products will then need to be shipped to the awards before 28 May. Awards tastings as well as the winner announcements will take place this year in Norwich (dates to be confirmed).

This year, the awards has already seen an exceptional number of entries submitted. With the stakes of the competition only increasing, anyone thinking of submitting their products should do so ASAP! With less than two weeks before the deadline, it’s not too late to enter the awards, however you need to make sure you submit before 7 May 2024.

The World Beer Awards spotlight the very best internationally recognised beer styles such as IPA, stout, sour, and low alcohol. There are 10 taste categories and 12 in the design category, with awards including Best Bottle, Best Label, and Best New Launch.

Winners of the 2023 awards include First Love for World’s Best IPA, La Juicy for World’s Best Pale Beer, and Stollo’s Best Märzen Rot for World’s Best Label Design.

The awards are expecting another busy season—breweries, brewers and enthusiasts alike will be trying and discussing exciting new products as well as long time favourites within the beer world. Whether an entry is new or returning, every beer is judged with blind tastings in order to fairly examine its best qualities, no matter a brand’s level of recognition.

This year, author and beer expert Pete Brown joins the chair of judges and will be leading the judging panel for the Awards. Pete has written more than 10 books on beer, has been nominated for UK Beer Writer four times, and has judged beer competitions all over the world.

Pete welcomed new entrants of the awards and offered his best advice to those competing: “Welcome to the World Beer Awards! Our awards jury comprises of experts in tasting and evaluating beer from around the world. All judge these awards because of an abiding passion for beer and a desire to discover the very best. To impress these judges, send the freshest beer you can. That may sound obvious, but every year a significant proportion of the beer we reject suffer from common faults that could have been picked up if they were evaluated before being sent.”

When asked why people should enter the awards, Pete commented: “People should enter any beer awards in general to get feedback on their beers, to compare their efforts against others, and to learn about styles and where the general standard is… I like the World Beer Awards because they walk a nice line [between] the industry criteria like whether a beer is to style or not, and the consumer side of is this a nice beer to drink?”

The awards also offers a bespoke shipping service, made to allow for a simple production submission process and providing entrants with a secure entry tracking system. After entrants submit their products, they only need to fill out the World Beer Awards shipping paperwork and complete payment. Once payment is received, nothing more will be required of the entrant. The shipping service includes all shipment charges with no surprise costs.

If entrants wish to submit products themselves, all shipment costs must be paid for. In-person deliveries are also accepted, which will need to be organized with a member of the awards team prior to delivery.

Further information on how to enter the awards and past winners for beer can be found on the World Beer Awards website.

Contact: Alex Lens

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