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19th July 2012

World’s 8th Trappist Beer: Gregorius

James Clay, the UK’s leading independent speciality beer distributor, will be importing the 8th – and newest – Trappist beer. And it’s Austrian.


Gregorius will rub shoulders with six other Trappist beers already available in the James Clay portfolio: Chimay; Westmalle; Achel; Orval; Rochefort and La Trappe.


The first beer from Stift Engelszell is a dark ale at 9.7% abv, named after Abbott Gregorius Eisvogel who was at the Abbey for 25 years (1925-1950). Gergorius uses honey local to the monastery and a unique Alsacian wine yeast. Other beers are expected later in the year and all are to be named in honour of former Abbots of the House.


Gregorius is brewed by the Trappist Monastery of Stift Engelszell, which has been granted permission by the International Trappist Association (ITA) to label it as a Trappist beer. Located in Engelhartszell on the Danube in Upper Austria, the monastery has been a member of the International Trappist Association (ITA) since 2008.


Founded in 1293 the Engelszell is the only Trappist monastery in Austria.

The monastery has been a member of the International Trappist Association since 2008 and it has been authorised to use the Authentic Trappist Product (ATP) label on their spirits since 2009. The ATP label will appear on Gregorius later this year following the official ceremony in October.


After being dissolved by Emperor Joseph II in 1786, the abbey was re-founded as a Trappist monastery in 1925 by German monks expelled from Oelenbery Abbey in Alsace following World War I. Having being originally established as a priory, Engelszell was elevated to an Abbey with Gregorius Eisvogel named as the abbot. In 1939 the Engelszell monks were evicted by the Gestapo (with four monks being sent to the Dachau Concentration Camp).


The International Trappist Association have said “Since the Gregorius originates in a community of Trappist brothers, it may now – like all products produced by the Trappist or Trappistines – already be justly called a Trappist beer in honour of its place of origin!”


Trappist beer facts:


  • All Trappist beers must be brewed within the walls of the abbey either by, or under the supervision of, monks
  • Brewing should be of secondary importance within the monastery and monastic way of life
  • The economic purpose of Trappist breweries is not financial but to support the monastery and its benevolent work


Note: Due to the limited supply available initial orders are limited to 1 per customer. We apologise if you are unable to get stock immediately – more stock will be available soon.


To order or to make an enquiry regarding Stift Engelszell Gregorius, contact the James Clay team on 01422 377 560.


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