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10th March 2022

World’s First LGBTQ+ Owned Alcohol-Free Brewery Grows by 2000% After Launching on Amazon

Joelle Drummond(28) and Sarah McNena(29) are the LGBTQ+ couple behind the quirkily named Drop Bear Beer, brewing award-winning non-alcoholic beers in their sustainable HQ in Swansea.

The brand stands as a testament of their relationship with humble beginnings coming up with Youtube-inspired recipes for non-alcoholic craft beers in their own kitchen. Despite constantly being underestimated due to their appearance as young women, Joelle and Sarah have successfully won over investors with their mission – raising over £2million across three fundraising rounds to help them brew the best alcohol-free craft beers while committing to building a better world in which to drink it.

Drop Bear Beer officially launched in 2019, but when pubs and bars were forced to close in 2020 due to Covid, they quickly shifted focus to online sales on Amazon – sales soared by 2000% within 6 months (March – Sep 2020) placing their products in the hands of eager consumers as the “no and low” trend gained momentum in the UK.

Just two years on, they have achieved B-Corp certification, won over 20 awards for their beers. Looking forward, they have big sustainability plans in the work with their brewery and have joined Amazon Launchpad with views to leverage Amazon’s German warehouse to service more of the European market.

Press release from Drop Bear Beer