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11th February 2014


Wychwood Brewery in Oxfordshire is proud to announce that 2014 is the year when its association with the music industry extends even further.


Rock ‘n’ Roll legends Status Quo have turned to the Oxfordshire brewery to launch their very own special beer. For the band who have been rockin’ all over the world for nearly half a century a move into brewing is a dream come true.


Francis Rossi said, “Music and beer go well together! Anyone denying that has never been to a gig – and certainly not a Quo show. We wanted to create something special for the fans, and us of course, to enjoy. Piledriver is it.”


Rick Parfitt added, “Piledriver is renowned as one of those albums where it all went right: the chemistry was perfect and the fun flowed. Wychwood Brewery has helped us create a beer with the same ethos; and a huge blue gorilla as a truly arresting logo!”


Jeff Drew, head brewer at Wychwood Brewery, said: “It has been great to work with Status Quo on this. We wanted to create something interesting that had a malty, hoppy bitter flavour, but wasn’t too strong or too sweet. The result is Piledriver – a classic English beer for a classic English band.”


The 4.3% malty amber ale will launch exclusively into J D Wetherspoon pubs on February 17th and then will be available on wider distribution in the on trade in April.


Wetherspoon chief executive John Hutson said: “We are delighted that Piledriver is being launched exclusively in our pubs. Our customers love real ale and I am confident they will enjoy the beer.”


Wychwood Brewery’s famous Hobgoblin ale has long since been associated with music festivals including its continuing support of the Wychwood Festival and the Bloodstock festival in Derby.


Chris Keating, marketing manager for Wychwood Brewery, said ‘When we were approached by Quo to brew a beer in partnership with them it was an unequivocal ‘yes’. The band are not only known by millions of people globally, of all age groups, but they are also referred to as ‘rock legends’. Their legendary status compliments the legendary nature of our Wychwood beers. Partnering to produce Piledriver has created both interest in the music and drinks industry’.


For Status Quo it marks the start of an extremely busy touring year and one that will also see the re-release of an expanded version of the classic ‘Piledriver’ album on March 24th (Universal Records).




Editor’s notes –The beer

Piledriver is a traditional malty amber ale balanced with a bold fruity hop character.


English Pale Ale malt is combined with Dark Crystal and Chocolate malts to provide a ruby red colour coupled with a biscuity flavour.


English Golding and Cascade hops help further to create a unique aroma and taste.


The ABV is 4.3% and it will launch into J D Wetherspoon on February 17th. It will go on wider release in the on trade in April 2014.


The beer will be available in 500ml bottles and is available on cask.


For more information please contact Danny Bowles at the Marston’s press office on 01926 463341 or via