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13th June 2018

Wychwood and Ringwood Head Brewer set to step down after 16 years’ service

Jeff Drew

Calling time after 16 years at the helm of Wychwood and Ringwood Breweries, Head Brewer Jeff Drew will retire at the end of June. Held in high regards as one of the most experienced, creative and expert brewers in the country, Jeff has been integral to the success of many of the nation’s favourite beers, like Hobgoblin and Ringwood Razorback.

Jeff honed his skills at Morland Brewery and took up the position of Head Brewer at Wychwood and Ringwood in 2002 and since then he has split his time between the two breweries. Jeff was the mastermind behind the creation of; Hobgoblin Gold, Ringwood Circadian, Oxford Gold amongst others, whilst most recently he has been managing the production and involved with numerous marketing initiatives across both the breweries. Jeff’s passion and extensive knowledge are transferred into all of his work, and this has always been admired by both colleagues and the general public alike. Not missing a trick, Jeff has been known to step in and take brewery tours. His unique sense of humour and charm made him the perfect host for customers and some famous faces including David Cameron and Prince Charles who have both been given tours of Wychwood brewery.

Not to go out without a bang, Jeff’s involvement in the creation and launch of Hobgoblin’s first IPA has been the perfect ending to Jeff’s career. Throughout this time as part of Marston’s Beer Company, Jeff has been included in numerous projects and launches and created a real legacy which will be remembered. To honour his contribution to Marston’s and in celebration of his retirement, a parting gift of a personalised beer, presented by brewers; Jon Tilson and Maurice Walton, both of whom received their Master Brewer qualification whilst working under Jeff – ensuring Jeff was truly sent off in style…with a pint in hand!

“It’s bitter sweet to be leaving, I have had some amazing years at Ringwood and Wychwood where I have made memories that I will truly look back on with joy. After 16 years I am sad to go, but I am excited to put my feet up and enjoy my retirement!” finalised Jeff.


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