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Join the Guild

We encourage applications from all those who can demonstrate a desire to meet the Guild’s aims of “improving standards of communication about beer and pubs and to extend the public knowledge of, interest in, and support for, beer and pubs.”

The Guild has three classes of membership:

  1. Full membership
    For individuals who are communicating about beer and/or pubs on a regular basis.  Full members include, journalists, authors, producers, photographers, illustrators, marketeers and PRs. To apply for full membership, complete the form below.
  2. Associate membership
    If you are new to beer writing, it is likely you will initially be offered associate membership, with a view to moving up to full membership once you have built your experience and body of work about beer and pubs. Associate members enjoy all the benefits of full membership, other than not being able to vote at the AGM or any other meetings. To apply for associate membership, complete the form below.
  3. Corporate membership
    The Guild is supported by brewers, pub companies, trade associations and suppliers to the industry who value the relationship with beer writers and other benefits that membership offers them. To apply for corporate membership, contact us.

Please provide two recent examples of your work, or links to online work, and explain how you feel they improve standards of beer writing or extend the public knowledge of beer or pubs.

Applications for Beer Guild membership can be supported by existing members. If you know of existing Beer Guild members who will propose and/or second your application, please put their details below. This is not a condition of membership, but may help your application.