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Krombacher Drinks UK

Krombacher is Germany’s largest brewery in family ownership. Ever since 1803 our beer has been exclusively
brewed in the picturesque village of Krombach, strictly according to the German Purity Law of 1516.

A Krombacher Pils has just four wholesome and natural ingredients: Felsquellwassser, the pure spring water from the Rothaar mountain range, two-row summer barley, Siegel hops and Krombacher’s own specially cultivated yeast. All of our brewing processes are natural. No chemical or artificial substances are introduced into the beer at any stage. We use the latest technology to ensure consistently high quality, and emply efficient, low-energy production techniques that respect the well-being of humankind and nature. No wonder that Krombacher Pils is enjoyed more often than any other premium Pilsner beer in Germany. But at the end of the day we rely on the artistry, experience and passion of our Master Brewers.

Krombacher brews a portfolio of premium beers, including Pils, Hell, Dark, Weizen, Radler and Non-Alcoholic.