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VISITFLANDERS is the official tourism organisation for Flanders and Brussels. Situated in the Flemish speaking north of Belgium, Flanders charms with cities filled with a multitude of historic attractions, beautiful architecture, high-end gastronomy, and – of course – an unrivalled heritage of beer culture. As well as representing the cities of Antwerp, Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, Leuven and Mechelen, VISITFLANDERS also promotes the regions of Flanders Fields and the Belgian coast.

Flanders is proud for its ability to provide beer varieties unique to the region that suit the wide appeal of beer enthusiasts across the world. Styles range from Trappist, IPAs and lambic and gueuze beers, Flemish reds, fruit beers, dubbels and tripels, not to mention its countless other varieties. Even the taste of each beer is complemented with its own dedicated glass to enhance its individual taste. Belgium’s ground-breaking reputation for quality craftmanship was recognised in 2016, when UNESCO  inscribed Belgian beer culture on their list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Passionate beer connoisseurs are encouraged to visit its many breweries and museums and indulge in its rich selection of beer tasting and complementary beer gastronomy.



Are beer samples available on request?