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18th March 2018

5th BeerBartender Awards – the Winners

This year’s BeerBartender Awards were held on Monday 5th of March at the President Hotel in Athens. We were honored to have the president of the Hellenic Brewers Association, Mr. Sofoklis Panagiotou, to be a part of our event, along with the majority of representatives of the Greek brewing sector.

The Consumers Awards as well as the Greek Beer Awards, were presented during the event. The Greek Beer Awards were determined during blind tasting. The judges were Mr Tim Hampson (Writer, Chairman of the British Guild of Beer Writers) and Mr Maurizio Maestrelli (Writer, Journalist and Organizer of the Milano Beer Week). They tasted more than 40 Greek beers among 11 categories. For the first time in our country a Barrel Aged category was formed.

Septem Microbrewery and Athenian Brewery were the big winners of the evening, with nine nominations. Siris Microbrewery followed with eight awards in total, both in the Consumers Awards and Greek Beer Awards.

ELIXI Microbrewery had an outstanding presence with four awards. Kirki Mikcrobrewery Products and the emerging Miconu Brewing Company walked away with three awards. Distinctions were also given to: Standard Microbrewery of Thessaloniki with “Salonikia” beer, Microbrewery of Thessaloniki with “Ali Weiss” and “Ali Stout”, Corinthian Brewery with “Canal Dive Brown Ale”, Epirus Brewery with “Seven Drops” and Korfi SA with “Dias”. The Low Alcohol & Radler category has been monopolized by Athenian Brewery with “Heineken Light” and “Amstel Free”.

For the first time there was a category for the Nomad Breweries which are an integral part of the market. Winner of this category was the promising Seven Island Brewery. Hellenic Brewery of Atalanti was named the consumers favorite for a second time in the category “Greek Brewery”, while successful advertising campaign went to ALFA beer “A small step to come close to your people” once again moved consumers across Greece and emerged as the best “TV-Spot”. (Watch it on YouTube: )

The honorable distinction for his contribution to the greek beer industry was given to Mr Minas Mavrikakis for his over 30 years career and contribution to the sector from key positions in Athenian Brewery. His last position of responsibility since 2006 was Communications and Relationship Manager, from where he retired in December 2017.

The ceremony was sponsored by Premium Rum Dipomatico. The guests were able to sample from two different versions. “O Mpampas coffee -bar” was responsible for the beers served during our evening. Finally, equipment supplier companies were EGEM and Streamtech.

Consumers Awards winners:

Greek Beer Awards Winners:


About BeerBartender: BeerBartender is primarily known for its passion with beer; “We love beer! We read, study and educate in all matters concerning beer. But mostly we drink it!” It was founded by Nicola Radisis in 2012 and since then it has been devoted to promoting the culture of beer in Greece and at the same time supporting Greek beer labels beyond the borders of Greece. The BeerBartender team is made up of people who closely follow the developments in the brewing and gastronomy field to be able to offer the best advice. Since 2014, BeerLab started its operation in Athens and it is the first educational hall exclusively for beer. On 2016, BeerBartender published for the first time “Beer & Bar Magazine”. Since 2017 “Beer & Bar Magazine” is published in Greek four times per year and has its own English website (

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