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14th September 2022

A beer brewed from wasps yeast, in a 10th anniversary box!

“A beer made from wasps yeast?” I hear you say. Yes this is correct, and it is amazing!

When putting together our new 10th Anniversary box we really wanted to make some unusual and unique beers to push ourselves and the perceptions of what craft beer is and can be.

In the constant pursuit of exploring wild, natural yeasts and discovering their potential, an idea to make a beer from wasp’s yeast was proposed!

This kind of project is what we are all about, so had to be investigated. Wasps are proven to play a significant part in the preserving of wild yeast throughout the colder months, and then helping to reintroduce it back into the wild when Spring arrives. After much research and discussions with relevant people and Entomologists, we managed to harvest a wild yeast from an abandoned wasps nest which was found on the farm next to the brewery. It has been harvested over the last 5 months and then finally used to produce this wonderful beer!

Fresh apricots have also been added to bring a delicious and fresh note to the beer, and one that compliments to a sweet natural honey flavour created by the wild yeast. This is truly a one off beer that pushes the boundaries, and defines our way of thinking “Discover Flavour by Nature”.

‘Ensō means a circle that is hand-drawn in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create.’ Also meant to represent the cyclic nature of life. That energy (in this case yeast), is not lost but passed on.

Russ (Lead Brewer):

“This has been the most involved beer I have ever made, and also the most enjoyable. It has taken a number of years to research, but all worth it.”

Ensō is a Wild Ale with apricots & Wasp Yeast – 5% ABV

This is just one of many beers in our new special edition 10th anniversary collection. All of which have a great story to them and show our passion and skills for making fantastic and innovative beers.

Here are a couple of other highlights!


Hay Harvested Pilsner – 4.2% ABV

Hay in beer? Not an obvious choice we know but actually it has created something quite extraordinary!

When we were approached by local chef Merlin Lebron-Johnson from the revered Michelin star restaurant Osip in Bruton, we knew we had to make something special for them to serve with their exquisite menu.

Hay is actually at it’s finest in June, and the infusion gives aromatic notes of grass, fresh herbs and cinnamon. The crisp, clean pilsner is a great beer to carry these flavours, for an experience not dissimilar to eating a cinnamon bun!


10 X Chocolate Milk Stout – 5% ABV

A decadent, smooth and luxurious take on a Wild Beer favourite. We’ve taken our original millionaire beer, and enhanced the chocolate flavours to the next level and beyond!

This beer is basically liquid chocolate in a can!  With 10x more chocolate than the original, Double Deka is a chocoholic’s dream.

The finest Valrhona Ghanain cocoa creates a velvety, smooth and sweet finish that leaves you craving more.


The beers above are available as part of our 10th birthday box.

We are very proud, and all worked hard towards making this fantastic collection of beers to celebrate our 10th anniversary.

In the past 10 years, we’ve had a lot of fun pushing the boundaries of craft beer and pioneering barrel-aging in the UK. We’ve experimented with wild fermentation and flavour, and we’re proud to say that our efforts have inspired some truly interesting and ground breaking beers!

As beer brings people together we wanted to share this experience with you. It will take you on a journey back through time—a journey that began with us in 2012 and continues on today.


Press release from Wild Beer Co.

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