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6th June 2013



From the imagination of a passionate brewing team, led by Rob Topham, a new flavoursome craft beer has been born. Pushing the traditional boundaries of lager brewing, Topham and the team has delivered a complex and flavourful beer that will satisfy the lager drinkers who are looking for more.


Introducing Frontier, a lager that has been lovingly crafted by these beer aficionados to explore the new territories in taste.


Frontier is hand-crafted over 42 days combining the best of old world malts and 168 years of brewing knowledge with new world brewing techniques and hops. The blend of powerful new world hops and the distinctive Fuller’s yeast that is brewed at a higher temperature  allows a deeper and more robust flavour to flood out. The brew is then carefully lagered for five weeks to fully condition the beer and give it the full and interesting flavour that differentiates it from its peers. Allowing the flavour to develop over time, Frontier is unpasteurised yet filtered to deliver the clarity our consumers have asked for. These factors combined deliver the unique taste of Frontier.


Talking about the new brew, Topham explains: “Frontier cultivates a natural hands-on approach to brewing and the whole team were determined to create a beer with real flavour and authenticity. The lager’s taste and credibility will appeal to premium lager drinkers who are interested in more flavoursome beer with the characteristics of lager. Fuller’s has always had a passion for exploring the territories of taste and Frontier pushes these boundaries. We want Frontier to tell people a story about craftsmanship and deliver a unique taste which reflects this.”



The result is a memorable beer with citrus and spicy notes, a light fizzy body and a clean refreshing taste. This 4.5% ABV, unpasteurised, filtered, small batch craft lager is available on keg in selected London pubs and bars.