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22nd March 2023

A picture pints a thousand words

A veteran Guild member is set to combine two of his personal passions in a series of website articles with a view to them being published in a book

Alastair Gilmour believes that beer and art go together like… art and beer. But you’d expect that from a beer-writing award-hoarder with a degree in the History of Modern Art.

Alastair says: “Over the years I’ve written about seriously accomplished artists who use pubs, pints and people as subject matter. People like Jim Edwards in Newcastle, Yvette Earl in Carlisle, Ben Holland (Whitley Bay) and the late County Durham creative force Norman Cornish.

Although mainly concerned with beer matters around the North East of England, Alastair would like to extend his ‘pub pinter’ remit to include the rest of the UK – and further afield.

“I’m inviting Guild members to suggest contemporary painters, illustrators, sculptors and makers in general who work around the subject of beer,” he says. “They could even promote themselves if they’re brave enough. We’ll look at everything on its merits.”

He’ll use the stories initially on his website before hopefully being featured in the book. He envisages using two or three works from each suggested artist to sit alongside a piece on who they are and why they do what they do with descriptions of the highlighted pubs, beers and whatever, plus working methods and materials. He’ll talk to them and allow them to express their passion and pain (if that’s what drives them). Proposers will also be credited.

Alastair says the project is still very much in its early stages – “not far past a lightbulb moment on the bus home from the pub, to be honest” – but is convinced the subject matter could attract enormous interest.

He hasn’t put a deadline on interested parties getting back to him as yet but he’d like to get started ­– in the meantime he’ll work out more detail.

Suggestions (with a brief summary and an image or two) to using Pub Pinter in the subject area. The articles will feature at before being included in the proposed book. Alastair is also seeking sponsorship for the ambitious project.

“Thanks. Your inner Pubcasso will love you forever.”


Press release from Alastair Gilmour.

Further details and suggestions on 07930 144 846.