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13th April 2013

Arran Brewery launches first of twelve new beers for 2013.


The Arran Brewery has launched the first of a series of 12 new cask ales.



The beers are all themed around star signs and the character of the beer has been designed by our artisan brewers to reflect the classic personalities of people born under that constellation.  The beers will only be available for the period of the birth sign and will not be available again until next year.



Arran Aries is a light red ale with an alcohol content of 3.3% ABV.  It has a fresh grapefruit aroma and malt body with a bitter hops finish.  



Arran Taurus will be out on general release from the 20th April.




Further Information


Veronica Michaluk


01770 302353




or Gerald Michaluk

07968 157788