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16th May 2022


New Multi-Media campaign, ‘Beyond Expected’ set to drive category growth, and pave way for Japan’s No.1 beer to connect with even more consumers

  • Asahi Super Dry rated #1 Best Seller and #1 Best Trending Beer[1]
  • Japan’s No.1 Beer contributes biggest growth to the Packaged Lager Category[2]
  • Asahi Super Dry added over £4m in value sales in first quarter of 2022[3]
  • Original Super Dry Refreshment’ is one of the strongest growing Lager brands, adding over £12m, and, growing at 110% across retail outlets[4].
  • In the last two years, Asahi Super Dry has seen frequency of purchase double[5]
  • Global icon of progressive Japan to take centre stage at Rugby World Cup 2023

Asahi Super Dry, Japan’s No.1 Beer, is set to bring the refreshing taste of modern Japan to UK this summer with a striking new multi-channel advertising campaign – ‘Beyond Expected which airs nationwide across TV, VOD, Audio, Digital and OOH channels, from 14 May 2022.

Showcasing the unique and unexpected, crisp, super dry taste of Asahi Super Dry – ‘Beyond Expected’ is the largest campaign in the brand’s history and is supported with significant investment to build on the success of recent years, that has seen fierce growth in On Trade and Off Trade. When Asahi Super Dry was first created in 1987, it redefined the beer category and introduced the world to a new taste in beer, it is this ‘Original Super Dry Refreshment’ that has driven a 52% increase in frequency of purchase across retailers, as consumers discover its unique taste. Inspired by dry sake, Japanese master brewers invented the world’s first super dry beer. Dry and crisp with a quick, clean finish, it leaves you refreshed and ready for the next sip, next bite of food, or next discovery. The ‘Beyond Expected’ creative centres on the consumer expectation of what typical beer should taste like and how Asahi Super Dry offers a unique super dry taste that’s like no other.

Jonathan Norman, Global Brands Director, Asahi UK comments on the launch: “The world we live in has changed and this is reflective in the way consumers are seeking enriching drinking experiences, both in and out of the home. Asahi Super Dry continues to see phenomenal growth across On and Off Premise and its unique, refreshing taste coupled with strong provenance is testament to its popularity amongst drinkers. As a brand, our philosophy is you get the most out of life, not by following the path, but by exploring and re-inventing the future and there’s no country in the world that does this better than modern Japan.

Delivering new ways to experience beer within outlet, last year Asahi Super Dry brought the latest draught innovation emerging from modern Japan to the UK, with the launch of its ‘Auto Pour Units’ – a breakthrough in on-trade technology to produce the perfect serve of Japan’s No1. beer, every time, at the push of a button. The roll out of the cutting-edge Auto Pour Units now provides UK customers with a best-in-class experience of Asahi Super Dry. As well as creating the most refreshing beer experience, it also prepares the palate for what comes next, precisely designed to complement the delicate flavours of Japanese cuisine.


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About Asahi Super Dry

5.2% ABV – When Asahi Super Dry was introduced it brought an entirely new genre of beer to Japan, then to the world. Historically Japanese beers were bitter and didn’t pair well with food. After significant research Asahi recognised this wasn’t what their consumers demanded and in 1987 Asahi Super Dry was born. They brewed a beer to deliver a dry, crisp taste and quick, clean finish. This distinctive dry taste is known as Karakuchi (dry). A beer that would become Japan’s No.1 beer. Using hi-tech Japanese dispense technology, Asahi Super Dry in the UK is brewed to the authentic Japanese recipe, using superior ingredients and brewing standards to ensure a pint in the UK has the same perfect serve and taste as a pint in Tokyo. In 2021, Asahi Super Dry hits the milestone of being voted as #1 Best Selling and #1 Best Trending Beer brand by Drinks International. For further information, visit or the Asahi Super Dry Instagram

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