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15th September 2014

Barnes pub wins Best Cellar award

The Red Lion in Barnes, South West London, has been recognised for its dedication to serving a great pint of beer.

Managed by Angus McKean and Claire Morgan, the Fuller’s pub has won the Best Cellar title for the London and the South East region in the Great British Pub Awards 2014.

The awards are organised by leading pub industry magazine, the Publican’s Morning Advertiser which recognised the pubs high standards, rigorous organisation, attention to detail and quality beer.

“The cellar is the heart of any pub that prides itself on its beer,” said editor Rob Willock. “The Red Lion has proved its consistency in delivering a perfect pint to the customer thanks to all-round best practice.”

Angus and Claire have an immaculate cellar with amazing attention to detail to ensure customers can enjoy a perfect pint.

The Red Lion’s cellar even features its own “in cellar” tasting bar which customers can see upon demand and also plays host to beer events and cellar tours.

The Great British Pub Awards Best Cellar category is sponsored by drinks dispense service company Innserve, which currently services more than 70,000 licensed and non-licensed premises in the UK.

Innserve customer service delivery manager Steve Lakin said: “Great beer and cellar management are a vital ingredient to running a pub, with over a third of customers saying they would never return to a pub if served a bad pint.

“Innserve is passionate about quality and takes great pride in continuing to sponsor the Great British Pub Awards.”

The Red Lion will now go forward to the Great British Pub Awards 2014 national final, held at the Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London, on Thursday September 11th.

It will go head to head with other regional winners for the UK title ‘Best Cellar 2014’ and also have the opportunity to compete for the overall champions of champions title of ‘Great British Pub of the Year 2014’.


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There are 17 categories in the Great British Pub Awards 2014.


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