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6th January 2023

BarthHaas® Hops launches new sales channel with The Malt Miller

Hop supplier BarthHaas X has teamed up with UK homebrewing retailer The Malt Miller to launch a new B2B sales channel for small pack hops.

BarthHaas Direct will become BarthHaas X’s exclusive channel for small pack, covering hop pellets up to 1kg and flowable hop extracts up to 200g, with a variety of pack sizes available. The move means breweries and homebrewing retailers no longer need to purchase larger quantities and break them down, improving the end quality and consistency of small pack products. The range includes Pure Hop and LupoMax enriched pellets, and INCOGNITO and SPECTRUM flowable extracts.

BarthHaas X has selected leading UK homebrewing retailer The Malt Miller to package and distribute all BarthHaas Direct products, based on the similarity of The Malt Miller’s hop handling and QC testing to BarthHaas X’s own processes. Improved packaging includes QR codes that provide traceability data and certificates of authenticity, nitrogen “pillow packing” for pellets, while INCOGNITO and SPECTRUM come in easy-to-use sachets to reduce waste and loss.

“Small pack hops are hugely important to UK brewing – it’s the grass roots of the community,” said Robert Neale, Director at The Malt Miller. “BarthHaas Direct has a comprehensive range in convenient and affordable sizes, so brewers can experiment with the latest varieties and brew pilot batches without leftovers, and homebrewing retailers don’t need to spend time and effort repacking or worrying about impact on quality.”

BarthHaas Direct is open now for orders at, and The Malt Miller has more information on their hop packaging and quality testing processes at

Press release from The Malt Miller.

For further information, please contact Jame Stiff via