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24th November 2021

BBPA responds to Government’s proposed changes to the Pubs Code

The British Beer & Pub Association has today responded to the Government’s proposed changes to the Pubs Code.

The trade association has particularly welcomed the Government’s decision to streamline the Market Rent Only (MRO) process, which both tenants and pub-owning companies called for.

It has also reiterated the strength of the leased & tenanted model and in particular the partnership between pub-owning companies and tenants.

Through the pandemic, pub-owning companies provided £285 million in reduced or cancelled rent to tenants. In the same period, they also provided additional support such as refunds on spoilt beer, COVID signage and PPE worth on average £27,000 to a pub. 

A British Beer & Pub Association spokesperson, said:“We support these proposed changes to the Pubs Code, which recognise the value of the leased and tenanted model and the strong relationship between pub owning companies and their tenants.

“In particular, the streamlining of the Market Rent Only process is welcome for tenants and pub-owning businesses alike and will facilitate negotiation and agreement.

“During the pandemic leased & tenanted pubs received £285 million in reduced or cancelled rent and further additional support worth on average £27,000 per pub from pub-owning businesses.

“The partnership between tenant and pub-owning businesses provides balance, security and investment – and has secured community pubs for generations to come. Looking ahead to the launch of the next statutory review in 2022 we will again reiterate this message to ensure the Code continues to support the relationship between tenants and pub-owning companies.”

Press release from BBPA