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22nd April 2022

Bedlam Brewery launches ‘Freedom’ India Pale Ale in support of Ukraine

Bedlam Brewery announces the release of its limited edition ‘Freedom’ India Pale Ale’ in support of the humanitarian effort in Ukraine.

£15 from every case of 12 bottles sold will be donated to vetted relief organisations active in Ukraine via the international ‘Brew for Ukraine’ initiative ( set up by the Pravda Beer Theatre in Lviv ( – if all 260-odd cases of this limited run beer are sold, that amounts to potential donations totalling some £4,000.

Additionally, a QR code has been included on the bottle label that will enable those who wish to donate additional funds to do so via the Disasters Emergency Committee website if desired.

Rob Shepherd, Managing Director said “Ordinarily we’d celebrate the release of a new beer but there’s nothing to celebrate here given the horrific ongoing situation in Ukraine. All we can hope is that by releasing this beer, we can raise some funds in support of the enormous humanitarian relief effort that is, and will continue for a long time to be, required in Ukraine, a country where a bloody conflict is being fought but whose western border is only some 22 hours’ drive from the brewery.”

Tasting Notes

A robust, piney citrus hop India Pale Ale with hints of tangerine skin bitterness accompanied by a deliciously smooth biscuit malt body.

Persisting bitterness hangs around pleading you to take another sip of this defiant and valiant IPA.


Freedom India Pale Ale 5% by Bedlam Brewery will be available to order in 500ml bottles via their website,


About Bedlam Brewery

Bedlam is an award-winning, socially responsible brewery based on a farm on the edge of the South Downs National Park, Sussex.  They feel passionately about the environment and embrace their beautiful, rural location which inspires the beer they create and love to share.

Press release from Bedlam Brewery

Contact: Sally O’Connor, Communications Manager