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20th March 2013

“Beer drinkers ‘ale’ the Chancellor for first Beer Duty cut in decades.” Beer Duty Escalator scrapped

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CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, responds to the abolition of the Beer Duty Escalator:

Mike Benner, CAMRA Chief Executive said,

  • “This is a momentous day for Britain’s beer drinkers, who will tonight be raising a glass to the Chancellor for axing this damaging tax escalator and helping keep pub-going affordable for hard-pressed consumers. This decision will keep the lid on the cost of a pint down the pub.”
  •  “Since the duty escalator was introduced in 2008, 5800 pubs have been forced to call last orders for good. What could have been the final nail in the coffin for our pubs has been decisively avoided by the Chancellor in a move that will spark celebration in pubs across the UK.”
  •  “Scrapping the beer duty escalator, combined with a 1p cut, is a massive vote of confidence in British pubs and will lead to an increase in pub going and more money in the Chancellor’s coffers.”
  • “Today’s decision is a huge triumph for CAMRA’s pub campaigners who have been building overwhelming public support for a fair deal for beer and pubs, pub by pub and beer festival by beer festival. Over 108,000 consumers signed an e-petition and more than 8,000 consumers have written to their MP calling for a fair deal for beer and pubs. A Mass Lobby Day organised by CAMRA saw over 200 MPs meet with their constituents who highlighted the severe damage caused by the escalator.”


Notes to editors:

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Mike Benner, Chief Executive: 07971 591224

Jonathan Mail, Head of Public Affairs: 07720 724733