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19th July 2013

Beer Genie website gets revamp and goes mobile


Beer Genie, the British Beer & Pub Association’s website celebrating all things beer, has had a major revamp, with the site also going mobile for the first time.


The Beer Genie’s treasure trove of beer knowledge is more than able to feed the huge boost of interest in the nation’s favourite tipple, given the launch last week of Let There Be Beer – a major new national campaign championing all beer.


 Alongside a stylish and streamlined new look, the huge range of information on Beer Genie has been reorganised into different themes. For information aficionados and refugees from Wikipedia, there are  Beer Facts, which gives the complete picture on beer styles, the history of beer and a host of other topics.


 Beer Occasions showcases how beer can be the right drink for every big national celebration, and Beer & Food takes you through food matching, showing how beer is a great choice, whatever you are eating.



The new micro-site puts Beer Genie in the palm of your hand for the first time, and completes the mobile picture, given the Genie’s many words of wisdom on Facebook and Twitter. When you’re in the pub, unleashing the Beer Genie will give you a world of beer info at your fingertips – and perfect inspiration for some truly great beer and food pairings.










For further information please contact:




David Wilson, Director of Public Affairs: 020 7627 9151/ 07557 436 033


Gareth Barrett, Public Affairs Officer Tel: (020) 7627 9154

Neil Williams – Head of Media: 020 7627 9156 / 07974 249 779