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6th May 2018

Birmingham Beer Week returns in July 2018

Birmingham Beer Week is a week-long celebration of Brum’s epic beer scene and the culture that makes this city so great! With a rich brewing history that is evolving into a forward thinking craft beer haven, #BrumBW18 will be bringing together the city’s finest breweries, pubs, bars, bottle shops and restaurants. Creating a whole array of fun and exciting events, with good music, food and of course GREAT BEER!

Birmingham’s beer scene is on the cusp of something great and we want to help it evolve and grow.

Our first Beer Week in the summer of 2017 helped create over 35 events across 20 venues around Birmingham, showcasing the best of what this city’s beer scene has to offer.

Birmingham Beer Week returns in 2018, from 20th July until 29th July, and it’s going to be bigger and better; we also want to also promote beer culture in Birmingham and explore where it can intersect with the worlds of music, art, history and food.

Bringing together the dedicated fans, new explorers and even people who are yet to discover the world of beer.

We believe that Birmingham is ready to expand its beer presence in the UK and that this is the perfect time for Birmingham Beer Week to help celebrate what is a rapidly growing market in this city and the surrounding Midlands, it’s also the perfect opportunity for our partners to develop in a rapidly growing market and access a new audience.

Over the years Birmingham has been slow in developing a beer scene that in other cities has been rapidly growing, this is now changing.

There are now 13 independently operated breweries within Birmingham and another half dozen in the surrounding areas, they are the heart of the Birmingham beer scene and they are beginning to be noticed further afield. There is also a rapidly growing bar scene all serving great beer with new venues opening in the city regularly; we also have two of the best bottle beer shops in the country according to the users of Ratebeer.

Birmingham has one of the best food scenes in the UK with 4 Michelin Star restaurants, independent eateries, restaurants, cafes and a renowned street food scene that is seeing unparalleled growth, many of these places are looking towards beer as a part of their offering. The opportunity to bring beer and food together is immense and as of yet is almost untapped, Birmingham Beer Week sees this as an opportunity to access this market and reach a larger audience.

So wherever you are, pack your beer bags, ready your growlers and head down to Birmingham and join us for a week-long celebration of Brum’s Bostin’ Beer Scene from the 20th to 29th July 2018!



About Birmingham Beer Week

Birmingham Beer Week is a Not-For-Profit venture dreamt up in late 2015 by the team involved with Birmingham Beer Bash, the idea was to create an umbrella for a week of events and promotions across the city celebrating the beer scene in all its forms by creating a common branding to promote venues and the events they create.



Further information:

Krishan Rajput (Director)

Birmingham Beer Week