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22nd April 2014


Black Sheep have new facilities so they can now qualify as a Cask Marque Training Centre of Excellence.  This means that Cask Marque will use Black Sheep as their North-East venue for Cellar Management Training.

Black Sheep join the other Cask Marque accredited Centres of Excellence throughout the UK meaning licensees can find a training centre near them:

Fullers                                                   Caledonian                                         Marstons

Robinsons                                           Wadworth                                          Thwaites

Palmers                                                                Greene King                                       Brains

Cask Marque delivered 41 full day courses on Cellar Management in these venues in the first quarter of 2014.

Paul Nunny commented “Good cellar management is so key to beer quality, sales and yields and has a massive effect on a pubs profitability.  There is clearly a demand for licensees and staff to be more professional.  Cask Marque are also to introduce two further courses held in licensees own pubs covering line cleaning and the key area of glasswashing and the perfect pour.”

As well as full day Cask Marque cellar courses Cask Marque also offer a 1-2-1 cellar training in a pubs cellar.

For more information:

Paul Nunny

Director of Cask Marque

07768 614065

Cask Marque was formed in 1997 as a not for profit organisation to be the accreditation body for quality cask.  Currently 8,843 licenses now hold their award.  Training in delivering beer quality has now become a key part of the Cask Marque offering and last year they delivered 378 courses as well as being a service provider to Heineken UK on their Glass Act training programme.