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1st May 2013

Booths customers and local breweries come together to celebrate the artisanship of brewing at the Beer and Cider Festival 2013


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Fine food and wine retailer Booths has officially launched its Beer and Cider Festival 2013, running until end May, and is encouraging customers to celebrate the artisanship of brewing at its 29 stores across the North West.

The four week festival kicked off last week with a ‘Meet the Locals’ event, held by Booths to recognise the high calibre of breweries locally and invite customers to sample some of the outstanding beers being produced within Cumbria, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cheshire and Greater Manchester.

Booths aims to promote the unique craftsmanship of brewing and highlight the special nature of its beer range whichcontains an unrivalled selection of 250 bottles beers and 50 ciders and embraces a range of styles from local breweries and beyond. Through in-store tasting events, Booths will promote the taste and flavours of a variety of beers and ciders and identify perfect food matches so shoppers can make the most of each bottle.


Booths Beer Buyer, John Gill, frequently visits suppliers to assist in brewing and hand select products. He says; “We are very excited to welcome customers and suppliers to the 2013 Booths Beer and Cider Festival to share our passion for well brewed beers and ciders and the artisanship that goes into producing special craft beers. We are very proud of our extensive range of beers and ciders and it’s a huge pleasure to be able to celebrate the skilled brewers supplying Booths. The wealth of breweries in the North, from high-quality regional beer hubs like the Lancaster Brewery to Cheshire’s comparatively tiny Tatton Brewery, means that we’re never short of an excellent local pint.”


6,400 bottles of a limited edition “Festival Ale” have been brewed exclusively for the Booths Beer and Cider Festival 2013 by Cumbrian-based Hawkshead Brewery. Made with a blend of modern American and traditional English hops, it’s a refreshing 4% ABV pale ale with a tropical fruit aroma, grapefruit, lemon zest and orange flavours and a pithy, bitter finish.


 In the coming weeks, Booths Beer and Cider Festival will be holding events on Guest Ales, Craft Ciders and World Beers, bringing old-fashioned West Country ciders and crisp, complex wheat beers to the Festival. For more information, please visit








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