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3rd October 2013

Brewer and writer go head-to-head in London

ARGUMENT, advice and inspiration about the 1001 beers to drink before you die will be on offer at a specialist venue in London’s Borough Market next week.

From 7pm on Wednesday October 9 respected beer writer Adrian Tierney-Jones will join well-known craft brewer Dave Bailey at The Rake pub to talk about all things beer.

While Adrian is editor of the book 1001 Beers You Must Try Before You Die, Dave runs Cumbria’s Hardknott Brewery, creating some of the most original and exciting beers in the country.

Beer aficionados will also have a chance to taste Vitesse Noir – one of Hardknott’s beers that feature in the book. The 11 per cent triple imperial stout is one of Hardknott’s most individual creations and will be available on draught as a rare treat

People will also have the chance to get copies of Adrian’s book signed by the author.

The world of craft brewing and micro breweries is booming and the expert panel will be on hand to answer any questions on brewing, beer and where in the world to drink it. Dave and Adrian will also go head-to-head on some of the key questions occupying the brewing world, including whether the term “craft beer” even makes sense at all.

Dave said: “Beer is infinite in the subtleties and depths of flavours found in its different forms around the world and the craft beer movement is creating even more new beers and  tastes all the time.

“I think spreading the message about how wonderful and exciting beer can be is just as important as actually making the stuff in the first place. These kind of events are aimed at doing just that and helping to open people’s eyes to the great potential there is to enjoy a myriad of different styles of beers.

“Vitesse Noir is a beer that is guaranteed to make people sit up and take notice of just how creative brewing can be – it is lightyears away from the vast majority of beers found in most pubs.

“A combination of a few glasses of that, a controversial issue or two and our naturally opinionated spirits should make for an interesting evening.”

For more information about Hardknott’s beers go to