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22nd March 2022

Brewmaster partners with award-winning brewery Moor Beer Company

Auroch Digital and publisher Fireshine Games are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with award-winning craft brewery Moor Beer Company for the upcoming authentic beer brewing simulator Brewmaster.

The new partnership will see Moor Beer featured as the sponsor of a special in-game challenge, where players who successfully brew a winning beer will be rewarded with an unlockable cosmetic to show off their accomplishment. Moor Beer glasses will also appear in-game which players can use to serve up their creations.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Moor Beer for Brewmaster, and hope that the collaboration adds another exciting layer of authenticity and immersion to players of our beer brewing sim,” said Jemima Crow, Marketing and Communications Director at Auroch Digital. “Working with Moor Beer for this partnership has been a great experience, they are so knowledgeable and passionate about brewing and beer. We are very excited to show fans much more on Brewmaster soon as we get closer to launch.”

Talking about the project Justin Hawke, Head Brewer and owner of Moor Beer Company, said: “Working with Auroch has been great and we’re thrilled they chose us. I grew Moor Beer out of my homebrewing background, so it was really nostalgic and fun to see this replicated virtually – even down to my original orange picnic cooler mash tun! This will be a great game for people to dip their toe into the world of brewing, and if you get immersed in it as much as I did then you might also wind up with your own brewery.”

As part of Simfest 2022 (28th March – 4th April), a Steam festival celebrating simulation games, fans can also look out for a special stream with Auroch Digital and Moor Beer Company to talk about all things brewing. The stream will see Auroch Digital joined by Justin Hawke to discuss how Moor Beer make their award-winning beer, what it’s like to work at an industrial brewery, and how brewing on this scale differs from homebrewing. Auroch Digital will also talk about the authentic chemistry simulation powering Brewmaster, and reveal a behind-the-scenes look at their visit to Moor Beer Brewery.

Brewmaster is an authentic beer brewing simulator that invites beginners and beer aficionados alike to brew their dream beer and master the art of homebrewing. Discover, learn, and master the art of homebrewing in the ultimate celebration of craft beer. From perfecting authentic, chemistry-driven brewing techniques to bottling and labelling, become the ultimate brewmaster in the first ever realistic beer brewing experience.

Brewmaster launches on PC, the PlayStation®5 (PS5) system, the PlayStation®4 system, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One consoles and the Nintendo Switch™ system in 2022. For more information, sign up to the Brewmaster mailing list, visit, follow @AurochDigital on Twitter, join the discussion on Discord, and add the game to your Steam Wishlist.

About Auroch Digital
Auroch Digital is part of the Sumo PLC Group. They are a game development studio based in Bristol, UK and founded in 2010. The studio works on original titles, partnerships, and more, specialising in strategy, simulation and digital tabletop game. Auroch also has an interest in making games that relate to and deal with the real-world.

About Fireshine Games
Fireshine Games is a global publisher of digital and physical videogames based in London, England. Originally established in 2014 under the name Sold Out, Fireshine Games works with studio giants such as Team 17, Rebellion and Frontier Developments as well as introducing new indie dev studios to the world like Pugstorm, Stonewheat & Sons, Spiral Circus, White Paper Games and many more – publishing for physical and digital distribution. Fireshine is also part of the EG7 group of companies. For more information on Fireshine Games and its upcoming titles, visit the official website at

About Moor Beer
Started in 2007, Moor Beer Company are one of Britain’s most respected craft brewers, with sites in Bristol and London. They were the originators of Natural Live Beer, the vegan beer movement, and can-conditioned real ale, all of which forever changed the world of brewing and paved the way for many others to follow. They have been awarded countless times, including Brewer of the Year by the British Guild of Beer Writers and were one of only 16 breweries, and the smallest and youngest, to be given a Golden Award by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) in their 50th anniversary honours. More about Moor at

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