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12th November 2021

Bristol Good Beer Guide Launch Event – November 12th

The official launch of the 2022 edition of the ever-popular CAMRA Good Beer Guide (49th annual edition!) is on Friday 12 November 2021.

The Bristol & District branch of CAMRA (the Campaign for Real Ale) is holding a launch event at the Cornubia (142 Temple St, Redcliffe, Bristol BS1 6EN) from 12 Noon until 6pm on Friday 12 November where the book can be bought direct from some of the people that contributed towards putting it together. Journalists are welcome to attend!

The Good Beer Guide can also be purchased online at:

There is also an updated app version available for download on both iOS and Android devices.

Bristol & District CAMRA Branch Chair Richard Brooks said:
“It’s almost miraculous that so many pubs have managed to survive and even thrive in the extremely challenging circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. Last year it was not possible to hold a launch event, so we are very pleased to be able to gather at the Cornubia to launch the 2022 edition of the CAMRA Good Beer Guide on Friday 12 November”.

“CAMRA volunteers have once again put in a lot of work to produce the guide which includes 63 pubs from our Bristol & District branch area.”

The Good Beer Guide is an ideal Christmas or birthday present for anyone who enjoys a pint. It is the only properly and independently researched guide to the best pubs for real ale and cider across the UK. A huge amount of dedicated research is put in by unpaid volunteer members of the Campaign for Real Ale across the country to ensure that the pubs with the best kept real ale are included in this prestigious guide, so thank you to everyone that has contributed towards this.

The book aims to identify the best 4500 pubs for real ale in Britain, including 63 chosen by the Bristol & District CAMRA branch, covering Bristol and parts of South Gloucestershire and North Somerset. Those 63 were the subject of many visits and much debate amongst local members, with many more pubs nominated than there are spaces available in the guide. Of these 63 pubs 8 are new entries compared to last year. Most have featured in earlier editions of the guide at some point, although the Cheddar Ales Taproom is a completely new entry to the guide.

The Good Beer Guide also aims to list all known real ale breweries and their regular beers (many thousands).  The majority of these will also have tasting notes supplied to steer you towards your style of beer – it can be bewildering to see a large bank of hand pumps and have no idea which one is for you.  This list also comes in handy at beer festivals or when buying beers in an off license or supermarket.  There are also always numerous interesting beer-related articles to read.

Press release from Bristol & District CAMRA Branch