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30th May 2023

Bristol’s Wiper and True up with Kent’s Gadds’ Ramsgate Brewery to release a classic cask Best Bitter, celebrating sustainable brewing

Two independent English breweries are putting sustainability front and centre in their upcoming collaboration beer. Bristol’s Wiper and True, and Kent’s Gadds’, The Ramsgate Brewery are the first two English breweries to install Dalum’s revolutionary carbon capture unit, and are releasing a cask-only best bitter to celebrate.

Closed Loop will be available in pubs nationwide and across Bristol, as well as in Wiper and True’s Old Market taproom.

Speaking about the project, Wiper and True’s Sustainability Manager Joe Watts said:

“We strongly believe that this carbon capture technology is the future of sustainable brewing, and are delighted to be at the forefront of testing out these new machines; ours is the second unit to be successfully installed in England. The first brewery to commission the unit was Gadds’, the Rasmgate Brewery over in Kent. We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate this massive leap forward in brewing sustainability than brewing a beer with Gadds’ themselves; our collaborative classic best bitter will be out at the end of May.”

Most of the carbon capture technology that’s historically been available was built for huge macro breweries, and was out of the price range of smaller craft breweries. The Dalum units installed at Gadds’ and Wiper and True have only just been launched onto the market, and represent huge advancements for the industry. Designed and manufactured in Denmark by Kim Dalum who previously worked for a company making the much larger machines, the unit has capacity to capture roughly 60-70 tonnes of CO2 per year.

The unit captures the CO2 from fermenting beer, washes out the impurities, compresses the gas to high pressures, condenses out unwanted gases (oxygen) to purify it further, liquifies the CO2 and pumps it back into a CO2 cryogenic tank, ready for reuse in carbonating the beer, purging tanks and in the sterile packaging process.

Speaking about the beer recipe, Eddy from Gadds’ said:

“The remarkable thing about a good pint of Best Bitter is its exquisite balance between sweet, biscuity malt and tangy, bitter hops. It doesn’t need, or want, anything more. You don’t really pay much attention to a good pint of Best, until, towards the end of the first pint you realise you want another, really badly.

That’s a great pint of Best.”


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About Wiper and True

Wiper and True are an independent craft brewery based in Bristol. Their focus is on creating refined, carefully considered beer in the most sustainable way possible. The business started life in 2012, with three friends creating homebrew beer on their kitchen stovetops. Over the next few years the trio produced beer nomadically, brewing through the night and at weekends at breweries across the country. In 2015 Wiper and True built their own brewery in Bristol, where they brewed for the next seven years, before expanding into an additional bespoke new brewery and 500-person capacity taproom in Old Market, Bristol, in July 2022.

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