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15th February 2017


BUTCOMBE Brewery today reveals its revolutionary new branding for its entire range under the ethos “Truth In Every Taste” signifying a new chapter in Butcombe’s story as it enters its new phase of growth. Butcombe’s vision is to further establish its credentials, beyond being a household name in the South West. To realise this vision, Butcombe is expanding its brewing operations and growing its pub estate to 100 outlets over the next three to five years.


Butcombe, the integrated brewer behind Butcombe Original, Butcombe Rare Breed and Butcombe Gold, has developed a striking new brand with flair and storytelling at its heart. The new brand is reflective of Butcombe’s strong heritage, commitment and the bravery that it took to start an independent brewery at a time when it was a real risk, way before craft brewing was a lifestyle statement. Butcombe have designed the branding to mirror this strong, independent spirit but with a humour and artistry that gets right back to the core values at heart of the brand and beer and the people who started it. The brand is also designed to appeal to the growing number of female drinkers interested in craft ale.


The new core brand mark includes a contemporary Butcombe logo with the image of a T-Rex dinosaur representing originality with a nod to the past, celebrating Butcombe’s traditional brewing heritage with a relevance for today’s market. After all there is nothing as original as a dinosaur.



On pump and on bottle the range is designed to look as great as it tastes. Butcombe’s new point of sale material including but not limited to packaging, pump clips and bar runners are all bold and original. They are designed to appeal to today’s modern drinker with a clean, contemporary aesthetic and there is an original story crafted to each one to reflect the unique flavour of each ale, reaffirming Butcombe’s strong craft credentials:



Butcombe Original: The beer that changed everything. The first brew Butcombe perfected, the beer that made its name with its distinctive bitter, clean and refreshingly dry flavour. Made with only the best Maris Otter malt blended with a variety of English hops (a secret that can never be shared), Butcombe Original is the classic session beer.




Butcombe Gold: Gold is a beer to treasure. Made with a blend of Caramalt and Maris Otter malt and brewed using lashings of English Fuggles hops for fresh vitality and distinctly herbal, earthy notes. If you’re searching for a beer full of character ‘X’ marks the spot.





Butcombe Rare Breed: Rare Breed is the result of Adam Henson’s dedication to sustainable farming and a passion for characterful, artisanal beer. Using the finest Maris Otter malting barley and aromatic Fuggles hops, delicious, fruity Cascade & Amarillo hops and of course, purest Mendip Spring Water. Rare Breed is a distinctive, clean tasting pale ale with a smooth, citrus twist. A bold stand-out beer that’s one of a kind.




Butcombe Blonde: A thoroughbred amongst beers, this refreshing ale gallops across the taste buds with a hit of lively citrus over the blaze. Made with the palest English Ale malt, blended with finest Slovenian Styrians and New Zealand Motueka hops, the clean freshness gives way to a superb fruity finishing straight.Illustration inspired by the Palomino horse famed for it’s long blonde locks.





Butcombe Bohemia: Made deep in the heart of the rolling English countryside, this is a beer with the soul of a Czech pilsner. Brewed colder and longer with lager yeast and cold-conditioned for four weeks, Bohemia exhibits toasty, biscuit-like bready malt aromas, with spicy citrus and grassy notes. Illustration inspired by the Bohemia crest.




Butcombe Goram:  Named after Bristol’s very own giant who was partial to a well-crafted ale, this Avon IPA uses a blend of American and Worcester hops to achieve the perfect balance between stone fruit, citrus and spicy hop aromas with bitter notes. A strong, full flavoured beer with the ABV of a classic session ale, Goram towers above other, lesser IPA’s.



In addition, new look bottles have been designed to maximise stand-out shelf presence in retail to support Butcombe’s growing Off-Trade business with supermarkets and other retail customers.


Butcombe undertook research across key audiences and found some universal truths: Butcombe is loved for the quality, consistency, originality of flavour across all of its ales and the enduring friendships that are built around it. From the first sip to the last drop you can always trust a Butcombe pint and these findings led to the roll-out of three core brand values:

  1. Against the grain
  2. Great is no great surprise
  3. The ingredients of a great friendship

The new Butcombe branding will be launched at Craft Beer Rising Festival in London on 23 February 2017. The new positioning goes live across print and online. In addition, a new advertising campaign will be rolled out within key publications.


Emmy Webster, Marketing Manager of Butcombe said: This marks a huge step forward for the Butcombe brand, it is as much a reflection of who we are as it is a statement of the development of the Company, our intent for the future and our ambitious growth plans. This new direction aligns with our vision of becoming one of the nation’s most popular brewers.” 


Alongside the established premium range Butcombe are rolling out a range of seasonal and specialist beers throughout this year.

About Butcombe Brewing Co.  –

Butcombe Brewery Co. was founded in 1978 and has been an icon of the real ale movement ever since. With an ever expanding estate of 25 pubs, Butcombe Brewing Co. now forms part of the Liberation Group, it is moving into a new, exciting phase of its journey, expanding its beer and cider range as well as its pubs and inns estate.


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Henry Conner
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