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6th April 2016

Caledonian Brewery releases Rare Red Rye Ale   Boldly brewed Rare Red showcases the best in rye beer to beer enthusiasts


 Caledonian Brewery has revealed the latest addition Rare Red, a Rye ale, to its range of beers.

Brewed by hand at the Edinburgh brewery, Rare Red will be available on draught from 1st May supported by in-outlet merchandising.


Rye beer (or “Roggenbier”) originated in Bavaria, and was widely brewed up until the 15th century. The style began to make a comeback in the late 1980s and is gaining traction in the US with much hoppier versions.  Caledonian’s Rare Red uses the unusual Bullion hop – only grown in around 100 acres – to add a soothing blackcurrant flavour and complement, but not overpower, the spiciness of the rye and Chinook, the single dry hop. A polished ruby ale with zesty fruit aromas, rye and roast grainy flavours and a dark fruit spicy finish, Rare Red will showcase the unique taste of rye to beer drinkers looking for something more flavoursome behind the bar.


Craig Steven, Caledonian’s Beer Manager and Beer Academy Sommelier says: “We have spent a lot of time thinking how we can bring through the full flavours of the rye with a complimentary hop profile rather than mask them.   This beer boldly uses three types of malted rye to make up 15% of the grist, the Bullion hops adds a complementary dark fruit character instead of cutting through the rye.  We’re really pleased with the final brew on tap and can’t wait to enjoy it behind our customers’ bars!”




For further information or images, please contact the Caledonian press office team


Tel: 020 3757 6800

Notes to editors:

About Caledonian Brewery

Since its founding in 1869, the Caley has been renowned for creating some of the Scotland’s finest beers and its pioneering spirit has ensured that this is a brewery never content to rest on its laurels. Innovation is at the heart of the Caley’s ethos.


One of the original Victorian breweries of Britain, it’s the only one to still use direct open fired coppers.  At Caley they brew beer by hand, and that’s not just a nice phrase – it’s true, full leaf hop flowers and specialty malts are weighed and added by hand to the carefully crafted recipes.


Caledonian’s range of traditional craft comprising Deuchars IPA, Edinburgh Castle and Flying Scotsman is joined by its more contemporary craft styles , Three Hop and Coast to Coast and now Rare Red.


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