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26th May 2020

Cambridge pub celebrate 15 years in lockdown

I don’t think John and his partner Janis could ever have imagined they would be celebrating 15 years at their pub, The Tram Depot, alone and in lockdown.

Although they hadn’t planned any huge celebrations, they didn’t think it would pass without a few shared well wishes and toasts with customers, staff and friends!

Instead, John and Janis will be at home, toasting quietly with whatever bottles of beer that are coming close to their use by dates and looking to the future – “another 10 years at least before retirement” says John!

“I remember Janet from Everards calling me as she’d heard I was doing well as a manager at another pub in Cambridge, which was really flattering. That pub was the Architect, but I didn’t think it was for me. Then I was offered the Tram Depot which was really strange as I’d walked past that pub only two weeks before and it’s not one I would usually pass very often. I remember walking past and thinking, this is an interesting pub, I wouldn’t mind running this one! And as they say the rest is history” shares John.

“Most of our customers are students, with us being opposite the campus, which means it’s very quiet around here right now, it’s very strange. A lot of our staff are students too and they have returned home to be with family.”

John and Janis have lived in Cambridge since taking on the pub back in 2005 and are happy to call it home. “We love Cambridge and our pub” says John “we love all the different people that pass through the pub and bring it to life. That daily interaction with new and interesting people is what makes it for me! I’ve met many interesting people over the 30 years that I’ve been this trade.”

“There’s also been a lot of change in the industry, especially in the last 15 years. When we first started out, people just used to come to the pub by default, now we have to work so hard to get people in the door as more and more competition has built up around us.”

The pub works hard to support all the different societies and clubs from the university including the local and university rugby clubs and the local police force who visit regularly.

John has been in full time work in one way or another since he was 15 going into the army, and then straight into the pub world. He’s never had a break, it’s been full on 24/7 and so he’s taking this forced time away from the pub and his customers to wind down and reflect on the last 15 happy years he’s spent at the Tram Depot. He’s also taking this time to look ahead; “I can’t see myself doing anything else but this” says John: ”I have about ten years left in me now and I will be here until then! This trade is in my blood and I wouldn’t change that for the world!”

“We’ve also been well looked after by Everards” says John “which has helped us so much. We have won lots of trips and enjoyed the success with them and now their support during this crisis has taken the pressure off of us. It means that although it may be difficult, we should be able to open again and as long as everything remains fair we should be able to come out the other side and be fine thanks to their support and we can march to success.”

John and Janis are looking forward to their pub re-opening and to the next 15 years – so raise a glass at home and say cheers! to John, Janis and the whole team at The Tram Depot!



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