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21st March 2012

CAMRA- ‘Beer drinkers rocked by tax man swallowing a third of every pint’

– Consumers fight back as CAMRA urges its members to back e-petition to scrap beer tax escalator

– Sign e-petition today at

New increases to push up price of a pub pint by 5-10p

Issued: Wednesday March 21st 2012
Status: For immediate use

CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, has today lambasted the Government for its careless approach to one of Britain’s most valued institutions, the pub, as a further inflation plus 2% increase on beer will bring about yet more price rises at the bar, and further job losses in the sector.

With around £1 on every pint going to the Treasury in beer duty and VAT, CAMRA has reacted to today’s news by urging its 136,000 members and all pub goers to sign an industry backed e-petition to remove the beer duty escalator- The e-petition has today been backed by CAMRA, the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA), and the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA).

With the beer and pub industry supporting almost 1 million jobs and contributing £21 billion to UK GDP, CAMRA has condemned the Government for imposing punitive successive tax increases, which will impact both breweries at production level, and drinkers at the bar.

Mike Benner, CAMRA Chief Executive, said:

‘The fact Britons are forced to pay over 40% of the EU beer tax bill, but consume only 13% of the beer sold in Europe, is remarkable. British beer in a pub is so heavily hit with duty and VAT, the tax man’s whirlwind hikes translate to him guzzling a third of every pint served, a shadow cast over the beer drinker depriving people of an affordable night down their local.

‘Such high taxes on beer are totally unsustainable, and therefore CAMRA is launching a consumer fight back in a bid to make the Government see sense. We today urge all beer drinkers to visit to get behind this new industry-backed e-petition to help safeguard the future of the beer and pub industry.’

Notes to editors-
-The beer duty escalator increases beer tax by 2% above inflation every year, and is currently in place until 2014/15.
-Today’s further increase of 5% in beer duty means that beer duty has increased by over 40% since 2008.
-This new increase will result in a 5-10p increase in the price of a pint sold in the pub.
-Duty and VAT are more than £1 for a 5% beer sold at £3 in the pub.

For further information-
CAMRA Press Office, 01727 798443
Jon Howard, CAMRA Press Manager, 07939 425471
Mike Benner, CAMRA Chief Executive, 07971 591224