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6th September 2017

Charles Wells sets the beer quality standard with brand new training programme for pubs

The BIG scheme ensures that operators are not only serving the best possible pint but also maximising yields in order to drive profit, while encouraging a proactive approach to cellar best practice and regulatory compliance. A tie-in with Cask Marque sees each graduating site achieve their industry benchmark accreditation in the process.

Steph English, operator at The Swan, said the BIG programme got her entire team involved in setting high quality standards at the pub: “In order to meet the programme’s strict criteria, consistent focus was necessary; this in turn necessitated better and more systematic training of our staff. They were all chuffed to hear that we had passed, which can only be good for overall morale. We also all now know clearly what it looks like if things start to slip below the standard set, from organising the cellar through to quality, presentation and cleanliness. Thank you for the opportunity, it has been a most positive and helpful experience overall.”

Launched in September 2016, the BIG programme was brought to life by Shaun Matthews, Retail Development Manager for Charles Wells Pubs. Shaun expands: “We’ve been carrying out trials over several months to ensure that our approach, process and content really do make a difference. The great news is that all trial sites have seen a significant improvement in their beer quality, service techniques, yields and consumer satisfaction. Based on the success of these trial sites, we’re already making plans to roll BIG out across the rest of the Charles Wells estate.”

Anyone wishing to learn more about the Best In Glass scheme or about running a Charles Wells Pub can contact the dedicated licensee hotline on: 01234 244453


For media enquiries please contact:

Ed Robinson, Communications Manager at Charles Wells on 01234 272766 or