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19th January 2018

Chorlton Brewing Co. National Tap-Takeover:  A nationwide event aimed at increasing the popularity of sour and wild fermented beer


12th January 2018 for immediate release


On Friday 26th to Sunday 28th of January Chorlton Brewing Co. are to hold their third National Tap Takeover at multiple venues around the country. Chorlton specialise in brewing sour beers which are a relatively new arrival to the UK beer scene but they have seen an upsurge in popularity in recent years. Many people, however, don’t associate sour flavours with beer.


Mike Marcus, the owner of Chorlton Brewing Co., says “for too long wild and sour beers have been seen as a niche product, even within beer circles, and one of our aims is to bring sour beer to the widest possible audience by making it affordable, accessible and approachable – our National Tap Takeovers go a long way to achieving that.”


Taps across the UK will be serving Chorlton beers on the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This will give people an opportunity to drink sour beer, and for many, Chorlton Brewing Co.’s national tap takeover will be their first opportunity to try it.


An online map of the venues taking part can be found at (Note to editor, the map is currently a little sparse and will be filling up over the course of this week)


Chorlton Brewing Co. produce small-batch modern beer inspired by Germanic traditions in a small railway arch in Ardwick, Manchester. Producing high quality sour and wild beers are as important as being an ethical and environmentally-friendly company.


Contact: Mike Marcus –