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27th January 2020

Clarendon School opens new Sensory Room thanks to The Cabbage Patch 10

The Cabbage Patch pub in Twickenham raised £15,000 for Clarendon School through the 2019 Cabbage Patch 10, enabling the school to build a new sensory room in its Secondary Centre, named The Sensory Patch.

Clarendon, part of the Auriga Academy Trust, is a day school in Twickenham for pupils aged 4-16 with moderate learning difficulties and additional complex needs.

The Sensory Patch, which was officially opened on 17 January, includes various interactive lighting and projectors designed to help develop gross motor skills and promote engagement using cause and effect programmes, UV light, and specific resources to aid literacy and numeracy skills.

John Kipps, Head Teacher at Clarendon School, said: “We are enormously grateful to The Cabbage Patch. Our new sensory room, designed specifically for our secondary pupils with input from therapists and other specialists, will enable us to give our pupils excellent sensory experiences and to develop their skills in this area.

“The school has had an ongoing partnership with The Cabbage Patch, and with the organisers of the Cabbage Patch 10, for more than 30 years and have received many generous donations over that time. These have allowed us to continue to offer a broad, rich and varied range of activities for our pupils, and to ensure that these vulnerable pupils can access the facilities and opportunities they deserve, beyond the classroom.”

Stuart Green, Manager of The Cabbage Patch, said: “The first year of The Cabbage Patch 10 raised £30 for the school. As the race has grown, so has the money raised. This year we reached £15,000 and we are extremely proud to have been able to raise this for a school we hold very dear to our hearts.

“We have always championed, campaigned and raised awareness and funds for Clarendon School, and it was always our aim to do something big for them once we raised enough money. We were originally going to buy the school a minibus, but they were in desperate need of a sensory room, which once built, would be far more beneficial for the development of some the pupils.

“Witnessing the official opening of The Sensory Patch was one of the most humbling experiences of my career. It was so lovely to see the difference that you can make. I know it will help so many of these kids to develop, and that does bring a tear to your eye.”

The Cabbage Patch 10 started in 1982 and has raised more than £150,000 for the school over the years.


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