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26th July 2017

Collaboration beer supports Borough Market Traders Relief Fund

Guild members are invited to taste a new collaboration beer from Utobeer, Kernel and Tap East at The Rake on 2nd and 3rd August. All proceeds will go to the Borough Market Traders Relief Fund.

Saturday June 3rd is a date that not many people who work, live in and love Borough Market will forget any time soon; when three men decided to try and impose their brand of terrorism on innocent people going about their Saturday night frivolities people all over the world were shocked, this was not something that should happen anywhere, let alone a food market.

The market was closed for ten long, awful days where traders lost out on their livelihoods, employees lost out on wages and ordinary people and customers were not able to enjoy the peace and conviviality of a market that’s been around in one form or another for a thousand years.

Since then we’ve heard about the tragic stories of the injured and dead, heard about acts of heroism from our emergency services and from ordinary people standing in the way of terrorists protecting their friends with their own lives and now we have the job of healing and rebuilding.

With this healing and rebuilding in mind we at Utobeer decided to collaborate on a beer to help the traders in the only way we can, sell the beer!

The idea was of course, conceived over a few beers between Richie, the Utobeer shop manager and ex-borough market cheesemonger, Evin O’Riordan, once of Neals Yard Dairy and now of Kernel Brewery in Bermondsey.

So what is the beer? It’s called borough pale ale, it’s 4.5% abv and it’s single hopped with a brand new German variety called Monroe, which has loads of red fruit aromas such as Raspberry and cherries, supplemented with Orange Syrup notes. The malt bill is one third Oats which will give the beer a lovely creamy mouth feel that will leave the drinker wanting more!

All proceeds of this beer will go to the Borough Market Trader Relief Fund and the beer will be available from The Rake on draught from Wednesday August 2nd and Thursday 3rd August at the Utobeer Cage! 



Best regards,


Glyn Roberts

Craft Beer & Social Media Consultant.

07900 433 309