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26th March 2014

Community Pubs Month – April 2014 – Just one week to go

Community Pubs Month, organised by the Campaign for Real Ale, will begin in one week’s times with pubs all across Britain running events to help increase more trade.

The number of pubs closing in the UK continues to rise, with a weekly closure rate which has now hit 28 per week, and Community Pubs Month is one way in which CAMRA are hoping to kick start a successful summer for the Great British Pub.

Over 7,000 pubs are expected to take part and CAMRA will use this campaign to launch a number of press stories starting Friday 28th March, to help raise the profile of pub-going in Britain.

Community Pubs Month press stories include:

Communication key to pubs’ survival: New research shows why many pubs could be closing

New research will be announced which shows how important communication is to community pubs and what could entice more people to start using their local more regularly.

This new independent research has been conducted on behalf of CAMRA and will highlight how important it is pubs adapt to a more competitive market place, as well as reveal what customers want from their local pub.

Community spirit: The pubs across the UK run by their regulars

CAMRA will announce new research on the UK’s community owned pubs, many of which came about as a result of local campaigns to save their local from closure. This will include case studies from around the UK and information on how and why communities are taking the drastic step of purchasing pubs themselves.

Plus other regional stories including the UK’s best local pubs, as selected by CAMRA


For more information:

CAMRA Press Office – 01727 798443

Or email Press Manager Neil Walker on