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18th March 2021

Craft Beer Web Series

We are Some Guys With A Camera, a nonprofit filmmaking group of 18-24 year old students based in Liverpool. We are currently in pre-production for a six-part comedy drama about a craft brewery, which will hopefully be streaming on Amazon Prime next year. We recently launched an exciting crowdfunding campaign for the project, in which we are hoping for support from craft beer fans who can spread the word around the community. With peoples’ help, we can see such an exciting project on our screens next year.

“Birchall’s Pints is a vibrant, exciting and lively six part miniseries following the ups and downs of a Liverpool craft brewery ran by the young Birchall brothers and their eccentric friends. When the charismatic Alfie Gigglesburg sets up a trendy rival brewery, the brothers must blackmail a corrupt Member of Parliament, David Bugle, into lowering their beer tax.”

The themes of the show celebrate craft beer and the art of brewing, along with exploring the diversity the beer community proudly represents.

We have some amazing perks in exchange for generous donations, such as being thanked in the credits for as little as £10, or if you like to be in the spotlight, we are also offering the opportunity to have a line in the show or even a fictional beer named after you!

We recognise that trying to raise £2000 may sound like a large goal, but with our years of experience working on low-budget productions, this goal would allow us to fund the entire project. Every penny will go towards cast and crew wellbeing, stunning locations such as mansions, a penthouse and a brewery, and props and costumes designed by our brilliant costume designer, that will make the world feel as immersive and authentic as possible.

The best way to keep up to date with the production of ‘Birchall’s Pints’ will be on our Instagram page @someguyswithacamera

To keep up excitement, we also have regularly updated Instagram pages for the Birchall’s Brewery (@birchallspints) and David Bugle MP (@davidbuglemp). We have had a lot of fun getting into character with these pages and we hope you enjoy following them!

I have attached the link to the crowdfunder below, where you can find everything you need to know about the project to share around, or even donate, to help us reach our target.

Thank you so much for your time and hopefully this is something you’ll be interested in!

Press release from Some Guys with a Camera

For more information contact Matthew Reynolds on